Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Which Pic Of The Day Picture To Use? Here's Today's Choices...

It doesn't happen very often but sometimes I have a hard time choosing only one photo for my Pic Of The Day. This happens when I take a couple of pictures that will work, but today I actually had four pictures I wanted to use and I wasn't sure which one to go with.

If I chose one, then the others might never be seen (not that they're all such great pictures...). Tonight I had a tough time deciding. This morning at work, before anyone else arrived, I took a panorama shot of part of our office. The Halloween decorations have been kicked into overdrive. There are some hallways where one can literally not walk down without bending over and hunching. Good thing Halloween's less than a week away--we'd all have back problems. I thought that was an interesting picture.

Tonight I had scouts and I snapped a picture of my assistant cub master. I took this picture because I was so thankful he ran tonight's meeting--and he did it with three of his kids in tow. It was an heroic gesture and he did a great job. I can write a whole blog post about him--maybe one day I will.

I took another picture at tonight's pack meeting. The scouts came in costume and they were adorable. You could see their personalities in the photo. I love capturing that. Photographers live for those moments.

And the last picture I considered was a sunset. After leaving the pack meeting and while heading to tonight's rehearsal, I saw some amazing colors hovering over the rooftops and through the trees. I pulled my car over, got out my camera, and snapped away. The actual colors failed to transfer digitally, but I still liked how it turned out.

So which one to use? I ended up using the picture of the scouts. The way the boy's personalities shown through is what did it for me. That's one cool thing about posting a daily picture--you never know what you're going to use and you never know what you'll find out there.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Send Me Your Bio...(The Smily Emoticon Means "PLEASE")

Anyone who's ever been in a theatrical production of any kind knows the gargantuan efforts that go on behind the scenes in order for the magic to happen on stage. There's costuming, set building, hours and hours of rehearsals. Literally thousands of decisions must be made between that first decision to actually do a show to it's final curtain call.

One of those many details is for the cast members to write and provide a short performer bio to print in the program. Not all shows do this, but if they print a program for the show, there's a good chance those who attned would like to know a little bit about the people they're watching on stage.

At least, that's what we performers and those who put on the show believe.

In our state (and culture...) there's a lot of shows being produced, a lot of community theater out there. Because there's so much, you usually get an eclectic group of people wanting to be on stage. There's kids--sometimes barely old enough to walk, Jr high and high school students who love performing, college kids--usually theater majors, parents, grandparents--it runs the gamut. And those differences can sometimes be seen in the bios they write and submit.

Those who are making theater their livelihood tend to include certain things, like their favorite roles, the shows they've done, and if they're attending college, they many times include that, too.

Some write short bios, some are funny, some serious. There's not a lot of space (usually...) to put in everything so you can't include everything. Many thank their friends, they thank those who chose them to be in the show, and especially their significant others.

I need to get mine written and submit it. It shouldn't take long. As I'm waiting to rehearse my scene and between memorizing my lines, I really ought to write it up and submit it. And if you come see our show this Christmas season, you'll see what decisions I ended up making.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Freestyle Gargoyles 4...2016 Halloween Special

If you access this link: HERE, you can check out a unique experience. Authors, musicians, friends, and neighbors gathered in the upstairs studio of Gangrene Productions located above a small-town main street on a busy Friday night.

We gathered for many reasons, some to support loved ones, some to share their talents, but all to feel the music and hear the words of six authors, six different stories perfect for Halloween.

The authors, (in order of appearance...) James Wymore, myself, Eric Wincentsen, Patrick Murphy, Nathan Shumate, and David West, read an original story. The musicians, Craig Nybo, Keith Moon, Dan Nobles, Lary Nybo, Oz-Aaron Ozminski, Rick Nef, Brandon Tucker, and conductor Rob Griffin, backed us up, creating a musical tapestry the surrounded our words, taken them to destinations the audible voice could not alone reach.

I haven't listened to all the readers--the YouTube video just dropped today, but I look forward to hearing each story, appreciating the musicality of the players, and re-living what an amazing time I had that night just a few weeks ago. My story begins at 16 minutes in and ends just after the 28 minute mark, but I'd recommend you hear all the stories. There's some great stuff there.

Even though I'm relatively new to the writing world, I've already had some amazing experiences--being on conference writing panels at Salt Lake Comic Con, LUTE, and Salt City Steamfest, having people come up and buy something I wrote at these events and other places. But participating in the Freestyle Gargoyles event, that was definitely a highlight for me.

If you'd like something new for this Halloween, click on the link: HERE. I'm sure you'll see and hear something new.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Beginning A New Book Is Great...Knowing The Author Makes It Even Better

I began a new book today. It's a book I've been meaning to start for some time. Turns out, today was that day.

Because of other crazy stuff going on in my life, I'm not going through books like I used to. Back in the day I was finishing an audiobook or two every week, and reading a non-digital book about every week or two. But with re-learning the job I have now, plus the other job and the play, my reading has suffered.

I miss it. I miss the stories. I miss the characters. I miss allowing my mind to become lost in another world. There's an excitement that comes with beginning a new book--a chance to experience all those things that only a new book can provide.

And in addition to the joy of a new book, there's something that makes it even better and that is reading a book written by someone you know. Somehow, each word, each sentence means more. I notice differently the phrasing, the choices made.

I'll be writing a review of my friend's book as soon as I finish it. I love reviewing my friend's books. Thankfully, I've gotten to know so many authors, I may never finish them all. I'm a very lucky fellow.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Seven Years Ago...

On this day, seven years ago I posted something on Facebook. Today, I was reminded (thanks Facebook...) about it. I haven't thought about that little item since then, but when I saw it again, it reminded me of why I posted it in the first place.

It got me thinking, a lot has happened in seven years. Seven years ago, my oldest was fourteen, his next oldest sibling was almost eleven, their daughter was nine, and the youngest of our four was five. The reason I thought about my kids was because of the message contained in the little clip I shared.

It's the story of a man and his son and a memory they had years before. If you want to watch it, click: HERE. It's in Greek, but it has English subtitles. It's a really beautiful message, one that means more to me as time flies like the little sparrow. I can identify with both the son and the father.

I wonder if my then five-year old son remembers things we did seven years ago. I wonder if I do. I have the advantage of having a journal entry for every day since 1985 so I can look and see what we did. It's so easy to forget when we're wrapped up in our own lives, we forget those that mean the most. Click on the link--the film's only a couple of minutes long. It just might touch you as it did me.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Something I'll Probably Never Do...

The attraction's been on the park since 1995 and I've never even been tempted to try it. It's called the Sky Coaster and it looks terrifying.

At the beginning of my shift, I have to fetch water to clean the stage. Right next to the water source is the Sky Coaster and I can watch as those brave souls are lifted 150 feet in the air then dropped. They fall so quickly, you can actually hear them swoosh through the air--you can especially hear the swoosh if the fliers aren't screaming their lungs out.

I know many people love that ride. I'm not one of them. I have respect for those who do. And if you feel you're one of those brave souls, it will be in operation during Frightmares, which ends next weekend.



Thursday, October 20, 2016

Voting...Already Done

I got my official ballot for this year's election in the mail earlier this week. Yesterday I filled it out and put it in the mail.

I voted.

Usually I wait until election day, but this year I decided to mail it in for two reasons. There's a practical reason for me to vote early. Since I'm doing the play, as opening night gets closer, we're pretty much needed at the theater every weeknight. I'm sure it will be tough to vote and get to the theater on time.

Like I said, that's the practical reason. There's another reason I voted early and it has to do with this particular election. Basically, I want it to be over as soon as possible. I know sending in my ballot early won't reduce the time between now and election night. But it might help slightly in the way I think about the election. For me, it's over. I can't change my vote. I've exercised my civic duty and made my choices. 

So much has been said about this election. If you're like me, you're not only sick of the presidential candidates, but all the endless words and opinions as well. I know it's important. I know I should respect the process. I still do, but...well, you know.

Yes, I've voted. I'm done. I just wish the election were done, too.