Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Feeling Quirky? There's A Game Store For That...

I saw the post on Facebook that my friend Craig Nybo was opening up a game store. If you know Craig, you also know that taking on yet another project is not surprising. He could say he's training to be an astronaut and you'd think, "Yeah, that makes sense."

I thought I should blog about this new venture so I began to write using pictures Craig posted on Facebook when I thought, "Why don't I just drive over there--it's only one town over."

That's what I did. I grabbed my youngest, we jumped in the car, and took the road I used to take to go to high school and stopped at Quirky Engine Entertainment Family Games. It's right next to the famous Kaysville Theater--you can't miss it!

And fortunately, Craig was there. I love chatting with Craig. Talk about talented! The guy writes novels--good novels. He creates amazing music, and puts on one heck of a show each year at his Gangrene Film Festival. He also makes games on the side. Quirky Engine is packed with games that the family will enjoy. There's little-known but great titles. There's puzzles, t-shirts, and books as well.

One of the coolest things is the Quirky Game Finder. This magical device will find the perfect game for you. Just enter your price range, age range, and number of people, click the button and...voila! It tells you what game you should get and that game is in the store!

If you live near Davis County and you're looking for a perfect Christmas or Hanukkah gift, check out Quirky Engine Entertainment Family Games. You can get more information: HERE (Facebook) and: HERE (company website). Put more FUN in you life--Play a Game!

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