Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Navigating The Magic...Another New Podcast

Last week I spotlighted a new podcast that focuses on traveling and Disney. This week I began listening to another new podcast. This one's entitled Navigating the Magic. There are many similarities between the two podcasts--both focus heavily on all things Disney, both are local (to me...), both have hosts married to each other, and I've personally done shows with both couples.

And both are making entertaining podcasts.

Navigating the Magic is a little more "seasoned" than the other podcast, Adventure is Out There. As of this writing Navigating has eleven recorded podcast, Adventure has two. 

Navigating the Magic is hosted by Holly and Jace. I met Holly two and a half years ago when she was a performer in Lagoon's Hackenslash Halloween show and I worked as a House Manager. If you know Holly, you know this woman cannot be stopped--in a good way. And because Jace is a supportive spouse, he was a regular guest at many a show. They're good people and they are more than excited about Disney.

Holly and Jace talk a lot about many of the "behind the scenes" of Disney. Holly worked in their Disney University program. And because we live in Utah and have a incredible amount of Disney fans--many of which have also been involved in both their university programs and shows--Holly and Jace have had guests with similar experiences on the podcast. It's been fun to hear about what it's like to be there, to do something very few can do.

The hosts are upbeat and excited in their topic, which is a good thing when creating a podcast, because if they aren't interested and interesting, you won't be interested in their podcast as a listener. If you've ever wondered what it's like to work on the parks, interact with the patrons, and distribute that Disney magic, give this podcast a try. 

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