Sunday, April 29, 2018

Photos From A Busy Saturday...

Yesterday was one of those days.


Very busy.

Last night, after spending most of the day in a car or in a store or in my in-law's house, I sat down and chose a Pic Of The Day photo. I decided on a picture of a beautiful B-17 flying overhead, but it could have been something else, like a counter full of pizzas, a advertisement for sporks, or a bottle of flax oil--Super Lignan (whatever that is...).

It's amazing how many things you see on a busy day.

Saturday is the day of the week we buy groceries. Thanks to the incredible time in which we live, we order our groceries on-line, then just pick them up. It saves a lot of time. I don't know if I could have afforded the several hours it would have taken me to get the groceries myself. There was just too much to do.

Not only that, we also dropped off and picked up our daughter from dance. After dance and groceries, we ordered lunch and went to my in-laws because we had family in town from California. Always love hanging with the fam, catching up, and eating good food. That's a win-win-win in my book.

After leaving the mini family reunion, we rested, but not for long. Our daughter had a dance to go to at night--not a dance rehearsal like she did in the morning, but an event where she could put all that dance practice to good use. Driving home my wife remembered a wedding reception of a neighbor, so we changed and drove over. At last, after picking up my daughter from her dance (it was at the church where we saw the cry room which became yesterday's blog post topic...), I could finally sit down, write my blog post, select my Pic Of The Day and relax from the day that was.

I took several pictures--at one of the stores, at the in-laws, at the church, and at a plane while waiting at a red light. I could have taken pictures at several other stores, at the place where I picked up the pizzas, at the wedding reception, but I didn't. I guess I forgot. It's amazing how many things you see on a busy day.

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