Monday, April 23, 2018

Jason King And Jon Grundvig's "Thomas Destiny"...A Book Review

When the main character of a middle grade story is named Thomas Destiny, you might think the story will be about something bigger than the normal day-to-day dealings of a jr. high school student. And when you throw in cover art by the supremely talented Carter Reid, you know the pages will contain monsters, magic, unique characters, and a rip-roaring story.

And that's what King and Grundvig deliver.

Thomas Destiny is a great little book. It's a fast read and even though it's official genre is "middle grade," I think it's more relatable to Young Adult, or in the very least, Tween. The cover gives a good indication of the type of action you're going to see in this book. There's death and blood and inter-dimensional travel, betrayal and redemption.

Thomas is your average kid. His adventure begins on a scout campout. Unfortunately for Thomas (and the rest of the troop...), Thomas accidentally unleashes a demon that spreads devastation and death. Thomas, along with another surviving scout embarks on a journey which leads the pair to another dimension where they battle monsters, zombies, and other evil forces all bent on Thomas's destruction. The boy becomes a leader of a band of unusual characters--from a untruthful druid to a green globule being that speaks a language only the druid understands.

I don't know which author is responsible for which sections of the book, but I have read several of Jason King's stories. Much of the humor reminds me of Jason. If you know him, you know he's a very funny guy. But humor is only part of what makes Thomas Destiny such an enjoyable read. The fantasy elements are top-notch, as good as many fantasy series written for older readers. If you're interested in ordering either the digital copy or the hard copy of Thomas Destiny, you can access the Amazon page: HERE.

The by line to the title is, The FATE of the Cosmos couldn't be in LESS capable hands. It's a good summation of what you can expect. If you're up for a good fast read fantasy, give this one a shot.

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