Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Aften Brook Szymanski's "Cheat Code"...Available Today


Today is the digital release date for Aften Brook Szymanski's Cheat Code, the newest publication from Immortal Works.

How cool is that?

I don't know anything about this book, other than it's Aften's first novel with Immortal Works. That, and what I read on Immortal Works and Amazon's website. You can buy the book from Amazon: HERE.

From the website:

GenE must outwit Codebreakers to win a high stakes (Real Player Game)RPG for terminal patients who made the 'Intelligence Donor List', where failure equals death in real life, and winning means eternal life. 

Teaming up with competitive gamers increases GenE's chances of surviving the challenges of each level, until she realizes her most trusted ally is using her. And rules? Rules are made to be reprogrammed, along with everything else.

I've not yet met Aften, but since we're both published through Immortal Works I follow her on social media. I can tell you she was absolutely ecstatic when she found out her story was picked up and going to be published. I remember that feeling. It's truly amazing. It validates all that work, all the doubts, the headaches, the writer's blocks, and the writer's blocks breakthroughs. 

I hope to read Cheat Code in the future. The above blurb sounds intriguing. In the ever-increasing technological world in which we live, the future is unknown and almost limitless. A story about a game where winning means life, and losing means more than just the game sounds good.

Congrats Aften! Well done.

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