Thursday, January 27, 2011

If a blogger blogs on his blog and no one reads it, did it happen?

I'm a novice--no other way to say (write...) it. It's a strange thought thinking that no one will ever read this, other than my one follower (number of followers as of the date of this posting). I've written a daily journal since January 1985 and it's a pretty good bet most--if not all--of those journal entries will not be read by another human, not even the writer of all those pages...

Busy, busy day. Like most of you, I filled my day with activities--some for myself, but most for others. Tonight, my son received his Patriarchal's a Mormon thing, a faith our family embraces and I must say the experience was overwhelming, very, very cool! And my son was such a stud, so was the Patriarch--a former University of Utah (another faith our family embraces...) football player.

I'd like to see more visuals on my blog. I'll need to look into figuring out how to do that. My inspiration are a lot of the women's blogs out there...they're much more creative (sorry, guys). Maybe I could dig into my pile of adorable pictures of my kids as chubby cherubs and throw them up on the digital canvas. Yeah....just maybe.

Take care, all! Until next time...

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