Monday, January 31, 2011

I should be sleeping...

There are times I wonder why I keep staying up at night when I really ought to be asleep. Take tonight--or right now--for example. It's the first night my wife and I have had an opportunity to watch a show. Last week was so full of stuff to do.

But the stuff was great. We put on a Shakespeare production with Jr. Hight and high school-aged kids. I'm supposed to be coming up with changes in our screenplay, but I haven't had the chance to dedicate enough quality time to that...yet. Of course, there's only tomorrow.

Which brings us to tomorrow. I need to be up in roughly seven hours so I can take the dog to the groomers at 6am then work from 6:15am (or so...) and work 10 straight hours. After that, I may be able to do a little writing.

I want to keep this blog going, make it a daily. So far; so good. And, goodnight.

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