Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cold? No, Perfect Weather...

Right now my daughter is watching a television series (locally shot and produced…) of which she is a cast member. That’s an odd feeling knowing she will be on my own television, and not just as part of a home video-type thing.

Almost everyone I know that is electronically connected and lives locally has commented on the weather. It is, in a word, cold. I’ve mentioned many times that when the pioneers entered this valley, I doubt the understood just what wonderful weather this region produces. It’s—in my opinion—as close to a perfect climate as you can get. Of course, I don’t like temperatures above 80º (or higher…) all the time. You can always add more layers when you’re cold, but there is a social, legal, psychological, and religious limit to just how much a person can take off when the temperatures get too high. I think my aversion to the heat comes from the days of my youth when we lacked a/c in the car and our house. I’ll take mid-70º’s, thank you very much.

The pioneers picked a place where it doesn’t get too hot in the summer nor does it get too cold in the winter, and just about the time you get completely sick of either the heat or the cold, the seasons change and so we adapt.

But, on the rare occasions (like today) a person in the Intermountain West should be inside, even pets should not be outside for long. The blowing wind turns the cold into daggers that penetrate many layers. I don’t know how long the cold and the wind will continue, but I do know that it will change and get warmer.

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