Friday, February 25, 2011

Pics Of The Day, Vol 1

Each day for the past 15 days I have posted a Pic Of The Day. Unlike Facebook, the pictures are not saved (I'm sure there's some fancy blogger gadget out there which would allow me to have these pics saved, but I don't know where to find said gadget...) so I decided to post all the pictures that I've had on my blog, and the captions that I used on those days. I think they make up a great collection, so far...

Yes, That's Bob...

The story's in the details...

Just your normal American family...

Stomper AMC Eagle SX/4

Miss Mary To Chris

Random Items On My Desk...

Snow On Fence

Satan's Elixir

Devil's Slide


Rooster At The In-Laws

Patch, The Dog

No Description Needed...

Parking Meter

There Will Be Dancing Later...

Hope you like these. It's been fun thinking of different shots to shoot and finding a picture when it's least expected.


  1. I need to know what that heap of green deliciousness is... YUM!! :)

  2. It's Parsley and iceberg lettuce (plus some chop sticks...)