Friday, February 11, 2011

Pic Of The Day

So, I have a digital camera, and a computer, and all my digits and barely enough disk space to download a daily picture so that's what I'm going to do. Of course, some days I might post more pictures, but in my universe, more pictures are better than no pictures.

Usually, I write my daily blog at night, either right before, or right after with paper and pen my journal receives a daily entry. So far, I've written every day on this blog (and I count writing twice last Sunday as daily because technically I wrote the entry Saturday night and left it to post overnight but didn't know it didn't post until Sunday morning, so, well....there you have it). Writing daily is something I HAVE to do and not in a o.c.d. sort of way, but in a way that if I don't write daily--knowing me--I won't write at all.

Back in January 1985 a friend gave me a journal and said I should write in it everyday. Since January 1985, I may have missed four days tops, and I haven't missed writing in a journal every day since some time around February 1987. These journals currently sit on various bookshelves around my bedroom with 98% of those pages having never been re-read (and sometimes, not read--even while they were being written...oh the humanity of grammatical errors!).

But these volumes do exist, the longest autobiographical novel I've ever written. So today I add my Pic Of The Day as another daily thing to do. Usually I write at night, but now I'm writing in the afternoon. Soon my two oldest sons and I will take to the hills (literally) and go camping. I'm betting there's no internet access where I'm headed--most likely no cell phone service. I have no idea what picture(s) I'll collect in the next 24 hours, but be assured, at least one of those pictures will find their way to this digital page.

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