Sunday, February 20, 2011

President's Day Eve

At work, we're about to enter the office definition of the "horse latitudes," meaning, after tomorrow, it's along time until we have another paid holiday. President's Day marks the beginning of a long paid holiday drought.

There's a rule in our house that when Daddy has a paid day off, the kids don't have school. The last couple of holidays I've worked at Job #2 so we didn't spend the days together. Tomorrow, however--President's Day, 2011--the doors at Job #2 will be closed and I get to both work from home and spend time with the fam. I can't wait.
My #2 Son (and he's not a "#2 son" but it's an easy way to identify my second child) had an idea. He wanted--and therefore, got all the other children to go along with him--to have all the kids sleep on the floor in the living room so they can play video games right when they wake up. That kid thinks of everything.
It snowed today. When the snow melts, winter in northern Utah--at least in the cities--is not a pretty sight. Snow changes that. Snow makes my home heaven on earth.

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