Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bob's Vertical Challenge

My friend (and also my boss...) holds a charity event every year. HIs name is Bob and the event is called Bob's Vertical Challenge. This year's event will take place at Snowbasin Resort on 1 March, 2011. It's going to be great! To promote the event, we needed to update our event exposure so this afternoon I filmed this promo at Bob's office. Tonight I--with the help of my wife--created the video art that you now see.

The next step was to try and upload the video to the company's You Tube account, but I was unsuccessful. I next tried to upload the video to my Twitter account...nope, no such luck. I feel I must wait until tomorrow and see if I can get this video out to the masses.

People upload videos everyday. It's still an amazing thing to me when I consider just how amazing life in this day and age. I sound like an old man professing such statements, but I guess I am. I only wish my father had lived to see the things that have taken place on this planet over the last 35+ years. I'm sure he would have loved it, and I'm also sure he'd have a twitter account at almost 90 years old and checked his "tweets" everyday.

Let's hope for video uploading success tomorrow. Will it work? We shall see...

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