Monday, February 21, 2011

My Day Off

So, what is a Priesthood Park? It's a term I use that may one day describe a way people (mostly men...) park their cars, trucks and minivans. I'll explain later.

My day off was fantastic, although I did do a few hours of work for the Vertical Challenge--it's only a week away. The kids had a blast sleeping in the front room and they even let us sleep undisturbed. Nice kids, nice...

I snapped a few pictures of the flag we flew in honor of the day in which we honor presidents of our country--past and present. I usually fly the flag every day in the summer unless it rains. And due to the inclement weather common in winter, I rarely fly the flag. But today was beautiful--a flag flying-worthy day.

We went out to eat at Chili's and here's where I observed the Priesthood Park. Here's an example (and the fact that the vehicles are almost
identical--a common occurrence in our state, makes the picture much more interesting, to me, at least...):

My definition of the Priesthood Park is as follows--parking a vehicle by backing into the space. I call it this because at every Priesthood meeting, the men will park this way so they can escape the building and return home, or to the local ice cream parlor as fast as possible. It's like they can't remain at the meeting even a few seconds longer...and it's what I do at almost every Priesthood meeting. What can I say?

Before we made it home, we visited my in-laws to help them with their new computer. The kids were great and we fixed the problem. And while there, I snapped a few pictures (I need fresh views for my Pic Of The Day). We had a great President's Day, 2011.

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