Friday, February 18, 2011

1/2 Daily Post

In my (hopefully...) never-ending quest to keep a daily blog, I'm writing in the early afternoon hours for when the time comes for me to usually write, I will be cut off from civilization, trudging in newly-fallen snow and on my way to the cabin where the scouts will assemble and sleep in canopies made completely of snow.
I'll have more on the overnighter later. I want to write about an observation I've made over the past couple of days, and that is that caffeine makes me sleepy. From what I understand of the drug, the opposite should happen. But over the last two days (two days since I've indulged in the black magic of Coke products...) I have awaken feeling much less tired than I did when on the sauce. Of course, my results have yet to be verified from a reputable testing facility, but I'm going with it until I find out otherwise.

Yes, Satan's elixir calls me like a siren on a rocky shore, but I resist (for now...). We'll see how long I can remain not sleepy.

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