Saturday, February 12, 2011

Camping With The Scouts

I had a plan to post a random daily picture, but not necessarily include details of the picture in that day's blog post. But I feel I need to explain the subtle details of today's picture.

But first, my day. I went overnight camping with the scouts. On the surface, that doesn't sound too bad. In my culture, we scout and do scout things. And that include accompanying your sons if they happen to be of scouting age. Last night I stayed in a small cabin (see picture) with five adults and maybe 13 scouts. We had walk in about 4' of snow to the cabin (not too far, but far enough to thoroughly freeze the unprepared scouters) and we had a good evening.
In the morning the scouts built snow caves so that we can go back to the cabin next Friday and the scouts can sleep in the pre-built snow caves. My son did a great job, for his first attempt. Final judging will take place in six days.
And so, the picture. There's one small detail that may escape your attention when looking at my car's side-view mirror. It's the ridge of glass right before the mirror. That ridge is all that's left of my driver's door window. You may think we had to break the window because I locked the keys in the car....nope. You might think someone broke into my car to steal items like my Napoleon figuring hanging from my rear-view mirror....though a tempting item to steal, nope. My window shattered when I opened my door. I've never heard of that happening before, but apparently it can if the window comes off the track. The window was down and I tried opening the door. It wouldn't open enough for me to get out of the car, so I pushed harder and that's when it happened, leaving the entire pane of glass inside the door.
Another interesting thing to notice about the picture is all the snow. I had to drive over 60 miles to get home through the Rocky Mountains with no window. Needless to say, I traveled less than my usual 10 m.p.h. over the posted speed limit. We were very lucky that it wasn't snowing. When I got home I took a picture of our cat, Teewinot (our cat's name is a topic for another blog post...).
I am tired and a little sunburned. It was a beautiful day in the mountains and I had a blast hanging out with two of my boys.

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