Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Random Items On My Desk At Work

In an attempt to find semi-interesting things to photograph for my Pic Of The Day subject, I spotted three items I currently have facing me everyday I work, and these are:
Why do these items have any significance to me? I'll begin with the newest. Jack Skellington. Santa brought me this little item and I love it. Santa must have realized when picking out stocking stuffers for my children that their father would also appreciate and enjoy just such an item. Santa was correct.
The second item is a wire scorpion, made by a co-worker, made by someone who served a couple of tours of duty in the middle east. This particular wire scorpion is unique. He told me it was the first one he made using two different types of wire. I like it.
The last item has the most sentimental value for me. It's a paperweight, something business people used to use to make sure their piles of paper didn't blow all over when the office had their windows open for climate control. Now we work in spaces where the windows don't open and paperweights are no longer needed.
This paperweight was made by my father and yes, that is a real dead wolf spider encased in plastic. You can even see the spider's eyes.
So when you're at work and bored...ah, I mean, on a break, snap a picture of something on your desk and then describe it. I think it can provide information for a semi-interesting blog post.

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