Saturday, March 24, 2018

Apparently, Thrift Stores In Idaho Falls Are A Good Place To Find Allen Edmond Shoes...Who Knew?

Our Idaho adventure wraps up tomorrow. Before the trip, I failed to carefully read the e-mail letting us know the entire group of kids--and chaperones, of which, I am one--will be attending church on the way home. Since I'm traveling with kids in addition to my daughter I will be attending, too. That means, I needed to get some suitable church clothes.

And where's the best place to find inexpensive clothing?

No, not Old Navy (although, that can be considered...), but a thrift store. And luckily, I knew where two thrift stores were located in Idaho Falls. When I arrived, the larger of the two was closed. I went to the other thrift store--located directly across the street--and asked when the Deseret Industries (D.I.) closed. I missed it by a week.

At the smaller store, I found a pair of Allen Edmonds dress shoes. They were pretty beat up. I might send them in to get refurbished. I'm told they do that at Allen Edmonds. Even if I don't do that, picking them up was okay. They were only two dollars.

I asked if the worker knew where the new D.I. was built. I assumed they built a new one--this thrift store chain is important to the Mormon communities. Turns out I was right--they did build a new one. The worker told me the new store was in a section of town I'd be visiting later tonight. What luck! After dinner I went inside the new D.I. and bought a shirt, tie, belt, and another pair of Allen Edmonds. These are in much better shape.

Ever since I found out about this brand of footwear, I've been looking for Allen Edmonds for years. Today I found two pair. They may be the only used Allen Edmonds in the city, or maybe even all of Idaho, for all I know.

What I do know is, had I read the e-mail more carefully a few week's back, I'd have had no reason to even step inside a store.

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