Tuesday, March 20, 2018

I Could Have Flown To L.A. For The Time I Spent Today On The Train...

I got on a train this morning at 7:39am. I got off another train at 5:22pm. In between I spent three and a half hours on a train.

That's a bit much, and I like taking trains.

Today we had a meeting in Provo. It was an all day affair and the train goes from my hometown all the way to Provo. Another plus to train riding, the train has Wi-Fi. That means, I can spend that time working on an assignment. That's a win-win-win. Of course, trying to type on a train that occasionally bobbles along the tracks can produce more than an one mistake. Still, until self-driving cars, or chauffeured trips become reliable AND affordable, taking a train or bus is the only way I can make the twenty or so miles to work a working commute.

This afternoon, when the train pulled up to my stop, I pried my legs from the chair where I hadn't moved in two hours and made my way off the train. I thought about the day's trips. I could have flown to another state for the same time I spent on the bus. Maybe that's not entirely correct, but since I've only been on one flight since 1999, my mind believes it's right.

Watching the world go by from a train window is great. And I know many people have two to four hour commutes. I think I could do that, too, as long as someone else is doing the driving.

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