Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Today's The Day For Jay To Say..."Blood Creek Witch" Is HERE!

Today Immortal Work's latest book, Jay Barnson's Blood Creek Witch, is available to the public. Jay posted a picture of himself holding his creation. And not only is Jay wearing an amazing Commodore 64 shirt, he's wearing a smile.

I know that smile.

I've worn that smile.

It comes when you receive that box of books for the first time.

It's an incredible feeling holding a book that exists because you wrote it.

I have not read Jay's latest, but I have read things he has written. In fact, Jay has a boatload of things published. You can check out his Amazon author page: HERE. You can also order your copy of Blood Creek Witch from Amazon: HERE.

I can't help but be excited for my friend. He's worked hard getting his book published. He's worked hard getting his short stories published, too. And he has a job (unlike me...) where sometimes putting in forty hours a week means he's just getting started. I can learn a lot from him about writing, putting in the time, and finishing projects.

Reading books written by people you know is a pleasure. Reading great literature is wonderful by itself, but when you know the person who wrote it, it adds an extra dimension to the reading experience. I can't wait to read Jay's novel. Congrats Jay on the book! May it sell a million copies!

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