Friday, March 9, 2018

Just Taking A Stroll Around A Neighborhood...Finding Signs

I haven't been to many writing retreats--two actually, but at every writing retreat I've attended I've spent almost the entire time sitting in a chair writing. Though this is the main goal of a writing retreat, sometimes you've got to just grab your camera and take a walk around the block to see what there is to see.

That's what I did yesterday. Here are the results. I decided to focus (camera term...) on the signs I saw. There was one downed sign, a few street signs, a sign of school pride, and a sign to make sure you clean up after your puppy at the park. I'm sure, had I walked around more, I would have captured more stuff, but the muse is a fickle temptress and when the opportunity to write comes up, if you don't answer the call, it might not stick around.

Two years ago I found myself in the same neighborhood, basically doing the same thing. I walked around and snapped some pictures. I saw the plaque at the park, the U of U flags, and the street sign. This year, I caught some other things. So, here's a montage of what I saw. 

I'm hoping that my future includes more retreats. If so, I will most likely grab my camera and venture out to the streets. But for not too long.

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