Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Advent Calendar...Deceptive?

Fortunately, I was not scheduled to work Christmas Eve this year. It was a Saturday. And because I was home on Christmas Eve I woke to the sounds of my youngest two children deep in conversation. And what were they talking about? Opening presents the next morning? Santa? Going to church on Christmas Day?


None of those.

The kids were talking about their advent calendars.

We were lucky enough to get Trader Joe's Advent Calendars this year. They're a rare item around here. Our state only has only one Trader Joe's so many many people are vying for the chance to get one. We got six, one for each member of our family.

And life was good.

Good, until Christmas Eve, that is.

The conversation I heard as I woke up went something like this (I apologize if I can't quote it word-for-word--I was a little groggy...).

"Yeah, I opened the Christmas Eve box and it was the same size as the other days."

"Really? It wasn't bigger than the rest?"

"Maybe just a little, but not much."

When I got up, I asked them what they were talking about. It seems the little chocolate "prize" beneath the Christmas Eve 24 door was not as large as my children were led to believe. To be honest, I didn't much think of it.

Until today.

I left my calendar at work so today was the first time I could experience what my kids were talking about. If you look at the calendar, you'll see the 24 door is almost twice as big as doors 1-23. Naturally you'd assume the candy inside would be almost twice as big. It was bigger, but only just.

We learn by experience. My guess is if we get Trader Joe's Advent Calendars next year, my kids--and me--will know what awaits them.

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