Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Writing An Amazon Review For David J. West's The Mad Song...

Last week my friend Dave messaged me on Facebook and asked me a little favor. He asked if I could take the review I posted on my blog for his book, The Mad Song: & Other Tales of Sword & Sorcery and post it to Amazon.

To be honest, his request made me a little sad.

I was sad because I didn't post my review to Amazon back in March of last year when I wrote that blog post. Dave is what I call a serious writer. The guy can write and the only thing better than a someone who can write well is someone who writes a lot. He's kind of a hero for me. Every time I see him, which is about two or three times a year, he's produced another novel or short story collection. In his defense, he might not actually produce that many books, but it sure feels that way. He's getting noticed, too, with many of his books on top Amazon lists.

Good for him--he's worked hard to get there.

Yes, I should have posted my review to Amazon. It helps those of us who self-publish and are not rep'ed by influential agents or have multi-volume contracts inked.

So, Dave--today I posted a review on Amazon. Sorry it's a tad late.

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