Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Cost Of A White Christmas...

The first thing I did after returning from church was to start shoveling snow. Since we didn't need to dig out in order to get to church, I put it off until after.

Since we hadn't used our snowblower in a couple of years, I drained the old gas out of it, and put in new. After about a hundred pulls, we realized the gas line had broken off where it connected to the intake. We stretched the existing rubber tube and attached it. The snowblower started, but didn't run well enough to clear the foot or so snow we received. We had to resort to the trusty shovel.

A couple of hours later, we had cleared sidewalks and driveways. It allowed us to travel to my in-laws for a family get-together. We had a terrific meal, exchanged gifts and enjoyed sitting inside a warm home shielded from the elements.

"It's sure beautiful out there," we said as we gazed outside. And it truly was. For those praying for a White Christmas, their prayers were answered--and how! But while we admired the view, I thought about the costs of that beautiful view. On a superficial level, a huge snowstorm means, if we want to go anywhere, work has to be done. People have to shovel out, city, county, and state trucks need to roll to plow the roads. There's definitely a cost involved. The beauty we saw was not in any way free. And even if you're in a home and free to just enjoy a White Christmas from inside, work--a lot of work--had to be done beforehand. Food had to be purchased and brought in. Energy to keep everyone warm, safe, and dry had to be earned.

There's a simplicity in life, a constant. There is both good and bad in the world. In fact, without one we wouldn't know the other. It was an absolutely beautiful day. There was a cost. For me it was worth it (even though I'm going to be sore tomorrow...). I hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas day. God bless.

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