Thursday, December 22, 2016

Trimming The...Cubicle For Christmas

I won't be back to work until after Christmas, but before I left, I did a little decorating. Last week I came to work and someone brought Christmas lights and stockings to hang. I went to town. I strung lights around my cubicle and connected them to the lights from my cubicle neighbor's already strung lights. It made for quite a display.

And since I wanted to add even more festivity to the whole decor, I put in the blinkers. Sometimes I really like the blinking lights, sometimes, not so much. But, for my workspace, it looks good. Before I left work, I unplugged the lights and my little Christmas tree. When I return there will be no more anticipation for the holiday for it will have passed. I'm sure we'll keep up the lights until after New Years, at least, I will.

So, while we gather with family and friends to exchange gifts, watch football (and Hallmark movies...), and eat way too much, there'll be a lonely cubicle all decorated for Christmas, waiting for us to return. So, please enjoy the festive lights that will be silent until next week. It's sped up for your viewing pleasure. Merry Christmas cubicle!

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