Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Not Gingerbread Houses...Graham Cracker Cottages

Does your family assemble gingerbread houses at Christmas? For years we've attempted to make that one of our family Christmas traditions, but it's one of those things that if we forgot about it, or missed it one year, I don't believe we'd be all too upset. At least, I'm sure I wouldn't--maybe the kids would miss it.

Personally, I don't much enjoy it because once they're done, they don't look too appetizing. I suppose when they're being built, an assembler can snack as they go. That wouldn't be too bad. But when it's a finished product, and especially if it's been sitting for any length of time, the longer it sits, the less I want to eat it, even though it's edible architecture. 

My wife came across something she thought would be fun for everyone. Instead of baking gingerbread or buying a kit, she just picked up some packages of graham crackers, some M&Ms, some gummy bears, and some homemade icing and went to town. I was doing a show so I didn't get to build with everyone else, but I did get a look at the finished products.

I thought they were adorable. My youngest explained some of the less obvious details found in the structures, like several had gummy people either building, or holding up important sections of the cottage. My daughter built a LDS temple complete with an Angel Moroni and visitors outside. My oldest built also built a cottage with a pitched roof and he even added a chimney.

Everyone agreed they had a lot of fun, which is the main point of the activity, after all. I don't know if this will become an annual event in our little cottage, but I'd like to think it will. I guess we'll find out next year.

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