Saturday, December 10, 2016

Our Polar Express Christmas Party...

For those of you who live in Utah and are part of the dominant religion, you know exactly what I mean when I say, "Ward Christmas Party." For thousands of congregations all over the Intermountain West, neighbors gather for food and fun. That's something we all share. What happens at these things can vary from event to event.

This morning it was our turn. Here's some photos of our event. There were so many people there, many I didn't recognize, and a few I missed not having them with us. What I noticed this morning is how these events bring out the talents is our neighbors. The organizers--they were in their element, doing what they loved. Those in the kitchen preparing food at a breakneck speed just to keep up with demand were amazing.

It's a lot of work and when I looked around, all I saw were smiles. And for a few hours this morning, we came together as a community, ate good food, and had a little fun.

Or, a lot of fun.

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