Monday, December 19, 2016

Another Star Wars Movie...Another Reason To Delay Watching It

Last December I decided to not watch the then new Star Wars film until my son returned from his LDS mission. This meant I wouldn't be seeing the show until the end of February, 2016. Many people talked to me about this. Most couldn't believe I would do that, but for me it was relatively easy. I usually don't go see movies in the theater anyway, so waiting seemed to me normal.

Eventually February came, my son returned home, and we all went to see a pretty good flick. Flash forward twelve months and I find myself in a similar position. A new Star Wars film is now out and playing. Like last year many of my friends attended advanced screenings or made sure they'd be the first to see the new spectacle. And like last year, I didn't. With all the children at home, I wondered if I would go the first weekend, week, or even before December ended.

Then came another opportunity to delay me attending. Last week I was asked to be in another show. Someone had to drop and I was honored to be asked to join the production with just over three weeks until opening night (usually, a cast gets two months to prepare...). I'm excited to be in another show with such a talented pool of people, but now I've got to learn lines, blocking, and my character in days, not weeks. I've decided to wait to see the new movie only after I've memorized all my lines.

Because the new show I'm in opens the first week of January, I really don't have a lot of time. My family wants to see Star Wars: Rogue One soon, so we decided we'll be going a week from tomorrow, the Tuesday after Christmas. Of course, I'm sure those in the play would like me to memorize all my lines before that and hopefully, I will. But, if this time is like the last, I'll be glad I waited.

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