Sunday, December 4, 2016

Learning To Tie A Bowtie...Finally

The costumer Alina, tossed me a tie. "Here, wear this as Sam when you're talking on the phone. I love that tie. Can you tie a bowtie?"

"Actually..." I said

"Can you?" she said.

"I'll watch a YouTube video. No worries," I said.

"Great. That'll look great," she said.

She was right--the tie's fantastic.

I was wrong--I was worried.

I've worn bowties for decades, high school, college, a little after college. Of course, I only wore bowties when I wore a tuxedo and I wore a tuxedo a lot because I sang in high school, sang a lot in college, and have sung in organized choirs a little after college. The black bowtie was mandatory. But every time I wore a black bowtie, it was pre-tied. I tried learning how to tie one before. I never really picked it up.

Maybe it was the pressure of being in a show and needing to have that thing tied for my scene that caused me to finally learn how to tie that tie. But, we all really know it was YouTube that finally got me to where I can, with confidence, tie a bowtie. Today, two of my sons and I donned our bow ties and went to church. I tied mine, theirs were already made. I know it's a small thing, but I thought it was really cool to finally learn how to do it.

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