Friday, December 2, 2016

We Got Our Tree...It's Officially Christmas Season

I don't know when they turn on the lights on their outdoor Christmas tree, but I know when they do, it's officially Christmas in our neighborhood. Of course, there's nothing "official" with announcements or a lighting ceremony, but when we drive by the house on Main Street just north of the cemetery, we know the Christmas season has begun.

Since it's now Christmas season in the community, we decided to make it Christmas season at home. This morning we drove out to our favorite Christmas Tree sellers, Robinson Tree Farms out of Kalispell, Montana. If you're looking for a Christmas Tree and you drive by a lot featuring trees from Robison Tree Farms, stop in and check them out. We've been satisfied with our purchases for years. We found them again in their usual spot, near the new Winco Foods in Layton, Utah.

We're not done setting up everything in the house. My oldest and I put up our outdoor lights today. We'll see how well we did tonight. Looking back, I guess a tree goes a long way in ushering in the Christmas season.

The snow we got last week helped a lot, too.

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