Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Christmas Toy Enjoyed The Most...

My son and I did some last-minute Christmas shopping this year. Little did we know one of the things we bought on that trip turned out to be possibly the most-enjoyed gifts this year.

It was a cat toy.

The cats loved it!

It's been a different Christmas for us this year. Because of the play and other things, we ended up doing a lot of things late. We thought we had everything ready when we realized we hadn't gotten anything for the pets. I don't know where you come down on the whole "getting pets Christmas gifts" question. We usually do, even though I'm pretty sure the animals didn't notice the times they went without.

And since we needed to pick up cat food anyway, we decided to check out their toys.

Our cats are getting older. The one, Gracie, has eye problems and doesn't play very much. Our other cat, Teewinot, is usually not interested in cat toys. He's a hunter and finds the real things--mice, birds, bunnies--more fun than imitations, but when both cats got a look at the new toy, they went nuts. Both attacked it with gusto. Of course, the kids (and the adults...) had fun with the cat toy, too.

I'm not saying that the other presents were not appreciated. I think the kids had a good Christmas, it's just I think the cats had more fun with what we got them.

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