Thursday, December 28, 2017

Tis The Season...To Eat Too Much Crap

It wasn't until Christmas Day actually arrived that we realized something--we got too many sweets. And not just by a a lot.

Today I got rid of many of them.

In years past, at holidays past, I've looked upon sweets differently. When I was growing up, I could eat so much sugar. My siblings still kid me sometimes about how much I could eat. For example, I would indulge in a huge bowl of ice cream almost every day. I'm not kidding--every day. And yet, I could not gain a single pound. I was the skinniest kid I knew. It wasn't until I got married that I began packing it on. Now, I'm pretty much like everyone else. I have to work my butt off to get it off.

So when the holidays (or, any day, basically...) came around and there were sweets, I was on them like nobody's business. Especially chocolate--it was my evil sweet delicious mistress.

Something changed this year. Maybe it's because we had so much stuff. Maybe it's because some of us are getting over sniffles and such at our house this Christmas. Whatever it is, we've decided we need to get rid of most of it because we're not going to eat it. Might as well let others enjoy it. Today I took a lot of stuff to work and set it out for anyone who wanted it. One co-worker took the box of gingerbread men home--apparently they were a favorite. I told everyone who walked by to, "help themselves."

At the end of my shift, a dent had been made in the Sweet Smorgasborg, the Belly Bulge Buffet. I left everything there. I won't be back tomorrow so hopefully, when I return next week (next year...), it'll all be gone.

I'm not swearing off sweets all together. I mean, I am human, but hopefully this desire not to eat as much will continue. Time will tell.

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