Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Tree Trim 2013 Edition...

What is it about a tree, boxes of ornaments, and strings of electric lights that can transform a room and a family? It's got to be Christmas. Tonight we ordered pizza, hauled the red and green containers from the basement and went to town.

We have an eclectic assortment of ornaments and knick-knacks. You'd think they wouldn't work well together, but I think they do. Also, when we put things away 11 months ago I could swear more of those darn lights worked. 


After breaking into the outside lights (it's been too cold to put up the outside lights...) and putting them on the tree, the craziness of finding places for each sphere and bell and snowflake and stitched pillow began.

Each child had ample opportunity to find areas lacking of Christmas bling and my wife and I did our best to point out those areas to the kids. Every successful operation needs proper supervision.

Even one of our cats decided to experience a good ol' fashioned tree trimming.

When I see the finished product I think I'll remember this particular tree for a long time, how it looks, how big it was, any glaring imperfections. But once the heirlooms and ornaments and lights and everything is taken down and put away and the tree is taken out to the curb, my memory will fade and it will fuze with all the other Christmas trees I've seen and help trim. 

But, for tonight, for our family the tree engulfs the room, transforming it to something amazing. Having a Christmas tree is your house is a wonderful thing.

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