Thursday, December 26, 2013

Photowalk: The Train Station...

Thanks to the season and our bosses, we were given a few hours of annual to us between Thanksgiving and New Years. Because of this, I found myself leaving work a little early and waiting for a train to take me to another train to take me home. And as a bonus, I was at the train stop while the sun was still out. I decided to take some pictures.

I wish I had noticed the birds earlier. I wish also I had something the birds would like to eat so I could have set up a shot or two. Just when I spotted a shot I liked, those darn birds would bolt and find more interesting environs. I got a few pictures, though.

Across the street from the train station there's a bookstore. It used to house another bookstore, but they moved. At that bookstore I saw a signed copies of The Golden Cord by Paul Genesse. I met Paul last September and he's a very cool dude! I seriously need to read one (or several...) of his books. If you get the chance, I recommend it.

Lots going on downtown SLC on Boxing Day. Though sometimes you have to look for it.

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