Friday, December 27, 2013

Meet The New Bookstore...(Not Quite) The Same As The Old Bookstore

Yesterday, while waiting for a train, I spotted a bookstore, Eborn Books. It's not unusual for a bookstore to be at that location. In fact, one of the state's iconic bookstores occupied that spot on Main Street for decades.

I didn't have a lot of time to look around, which was a shame because it looked like there was a lot to see. One thing I did notice was a table in the middle of the floor with books from local authors, some of these authors I have met. It's kind of a cool feeling when you see a book that was written by someone you know.

The bookstore that was there before, Sam Weller's Bookstore, moved several blocks away. When I heard I was a little disappointed because I don't usually have a car at work and their new locations is too far to take a work break and go browse. However, now that I know this store is there, I may need to walk the block and a half and spend some time inside.

I wonder if the new store in interesting in a couple of really good anthologies? If so, I might go in one day and see a book for sale that I helped write. Now that would be a cool feeling!

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