Monday, December 9, 2013

Invasive Procedures...A Book Review

Invasive Procedures*

Last week I finished a book written by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston called Invasive Procedures. Until last week I didn't know this book existed--I blame myself, really. There's a lot of books of which I am unaware.

Over the past few years I've read several books authored by Card, books that have not been made into movies. And I have a long way to go--the guy writes a lot of books. I must say that I enjoyed this read.

When I see a book written by two authors it confuses me. I'm not sure who wrote what, or how much one contributed to the project. Who's idea was the counter-virus? Which one decided how many people would be involved in the transplant pool? Who decided how many would die? I find myself wondering these things. Maybe I'm the only one...

About the book, it contains many of the elements you think of when you think of genetics and evil people trying to make everyone better. Of course, there's philosophical dimensions included that I didn't expect. What costs is society willing to accept to fix some medical problems? The book was fast-paced, interesting and I could see it play in my mind. The world in which they created was believable and I even bought the main theme--a mix between cloning and reincarnation.

I'm not sure who wrote what, but they made a good team. I've read many of Card's book. Maybe I should read more of Johnston's.

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