Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Home Sweet Home...

Today the first big snow storm of the winter season, even though it's not really winter, and the big storm was not really big. It was, however, big enough to cause commuters to take extra care while driving too and from work. My commute took longer than normal and I didn't drive. It's all part of living where we do. We accept the seasons and the joys and challenges of each.

Before coming home I checked the website for the train and tried to schedule it so I wouldn't have to wait outside too long before the train arrived. I must have read it wrong because I ended up on the platform standing behind a wall of plexiglass as the wind swirled falling snow around my feet and face for 20 minutes. I was glad I had dressed appropriately for the conditions.

I only work 15 miles away, but because of the mountains and the lake effect we have here, places only a few miles apart can had have varied snowfall totals. I wasn't sure how much snow we got at home, or more specifically, how the roads would be. I checked with my wife a few hours before I left work. She said the roads were okay, but it was getting cold.

Luckily, the streets were pretty good. I was able to scrape the snow off my car and drive the mile or so until I turned on the dead end street where we lived. I wasn't able to get the Christmas lights up yet, but as I neared my house I was so grateful to be home. Sure the house is getting old and things are needing to be repaired, but to me, there's no place I'd rather be.

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