Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Taylor Family Christmas Card, 2013 Edition!

Merry Christmas From The Taylors!

Because this is the digital age, and in order to be more environmentally conscious (or due to blatant laziness...), we present to you our digital family Christmas card! This is a first for us, so instead of sending it to select individuals, we're making it available to everyone! Of course, not everyone accesses my blog (really, I've seen the stats...), but for those who do, here you go!

It's been a busy year for the family. Our oldest turned 18, earned the rank of Eagle in scouting, and worked all year to earn enough to help support himself on his mission. He'll be serving in the California Rancho Cucamonga Mission and he leaves in February. Keep checking back on the blog for more details. We've seen a lot of growth and development in him. We couldn't be more proud.

Our next oldest has grown as well. So much so, he's taller than his mother. I suspect it won't be long until he's taller than his father--just like his older brother. It's the way of things, it seems. He has begun taking Seminary classes and is a wonderful baker--just ask anyone who's sampled his chocolate chip cookies! And since he turned 15 this year, he'll be starting to drive soon...yeah.  We love that he's part of our family.

Next comes the lone girl among the siblings. This year she began taking voice lessons in addition to the writing classes she and her older brothers do on a weekly basis. She loves singing and is excited to get better. In the spring she enjoyed being in the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with many friends and her dad. We love the way she lights up any room she enters and can't wait to see what amazing opportunities are in store for her.

Finally, our youngest turned nine this year. He loves his older brothers and sister and loves hanging out with them and the dog and two cats that are part of our family. His newest passion is puzzles--he can't get enough of them and has been putting together one puzzle or another almost every day for the past couple of months. He can't wait for Christmas and he loves participating in any conversation. If you know him, you understand. Love that kid!

As for the parents, we're plugging along, homeschooling and working. There were a couple of short stories published (complete with royalty checks...), a family reunion, a fire on the mountain, Comic Con, Salt City Steamfest, trips to Lagoon, and the first Taylor family vacation lasting more than two days that we've taken in almost a decade. Thanks Pam, John, Leisa and Gary! We loved California!

2013 was an amazing year for the Taylors! If you want to know more and see more pictures of our adventures, check out more of the daily posts on the blog. I've tried to include as much as possible.

I pray we may all appreciate the year that was and commit ourselves to making 2014 even better. 

Take care and God bless.

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