Monday, December 2, 2013

Ever Checked Out Studio C?

Monday nights at our house means a couple of things, and one of those is for the kids gather around our TV to watch one of their favorite shows...BYU TV's Studio C.

 I don't know how we found it, but once we did, it's become an event. We even bought the show's DVD for our California trip. It was one of the most-watched shows that kept the kids entertained from Reno to Barstow.

I think it's the first sketch comedy show my kids have ever seen, certainly the one that's made the biggest impact. They know all the actor's names.

Through the years I've seen many sketch comedy troupes. And I'm pretty sure when I was my kid's age, I was watching Saturday Night Live on a regular basis. There were times when it was really good--other times, not so much.

There's been some great comedy acts over the years. Monty Python, Second City, Kids In The Hall, Blue Collar TV. How does Studio C stack up against them? Well, I feel okay having my kids watch Studio C. And, many times it makes me laugh too.

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