Thursday, January 29, 2015

Day 1 At FanX, Great Harry Potter Panel...And I Sold A Book!

I always say after coming home from a day at a major convention, "I should have taken more pictures," which is weird  because if anything, I take TOO many pictures. There's just something about being at Comic con where I don't necessarily want to take pictures. I just want to enjoy the experience.

And that's exactly what I did today.

It was a great first day. I even sold a book!

Doors opened at 3pm for VIP's and 4pm for everyone else. Our table (Purple #8) has a great view of those attending. We're also right across the way from the Studio C booth. I met many new authors and hopefully made some new friends. I also participated on my first panel.

And that was fantastic!

The line to get into the panel stretched almost half the length of the hall. The sight of all those people lining up for a panel was a bit daunting. With everyone seated, there were a few seats here and there, but it was mostly a packed house. And the fellow panelists were great! We even had a doctor from Utah State on the panel and she helped SO much to add a depth to the event that I've rarely experienced when doing these type of things.

Tomorrow I've got two panels: How To Get Past Writer's Block, Ballroom C, 11am to 11:50am, and How To Write For Middle Grade/YA To Specific Audiences, Room 150G, 1pm to 1:50pm. If you're in the neighborhood, I'd love to see you!

And finally, I sold a book. I know that's not monumental news and many authors sold many many more books today. But for me, it's a milestone and it made me feel good. Thank you fellow author from Utah County for the purchase!

Day 1 = done. Day 2, bring it on!

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