Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Oh, An Editing I Will Go...

My friend Dave Butler (shameless name drop...) told me that before I order a whole mess of books from Amazon to sell at various events, I should get one to see how it looks as a printed book because sometimes what you see on the computer doesn't always come out the same as a printed item.

So, I followed his advice and printed a one-off.

Let me just say this, no matter how much you believe something is done, it's never done. Ever! I've experienced this when I submitted my short stories to Xchyler Publishing. After many versions have been submitted, there's that feeling when you know it's the last version to go and no matter how many times you've edited the darn thing, you somehow instinctively know, it's not done. I mean, it can't be done. There's always something that can be improved.

That, my friends, is a true statement. There's always something on which improvement can be made.


When the book showed up, I was excited, but not completely because I knew it needed to be reviewed and edited. I've started to read out loud everything I submitted. There's something about hearing what's written that I've found to be the most effective way for me to proofread and edit. Let's just say I had NO idea how many things needed to be fixed in the book. I knew there were some, but realizing just how many was a real eye-opener. And it proved to me once again to never assume something's done, or close to being done, without reading each and every word again and again.

No wonder a good editor is worth every penny they charge.

The good news is I'm getting closer to having the book ready for purchase. I will definitely let everyone know when that great day is here. It's getting really close now.

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