Saturday, January 10, 2015

For Sale...Short Stories...Speckled

Yesterday, at a comic book  store of all places, I accessed a website on my phone and gave permission for my little story book to be sold...legally. Today I ordered 20 copies that should arrive in ten days, just in time for the conference season.

It was almost two years ago when my name appeared in an Amazon search under "Author." Xchyler Publishing chose a short story I wrote and included it in an anthology. I've written about that experience repeatedly on my blog, on Facebook and pretty much anywhere I can. To the point I fear people were getting sick of it.

Looks like I'm doing it again.

I almost wrote something different for today's post, but the release of one's first book, I feel, warrants such attention. I've read through the thing so much over the past six months I almost wonder if anyone will even like these stories--such are the demons that accompany an artist. Of course, maybe I'm unique in that. In any case, I suppose this is my official announcement.

The book's available! You can access the information at my website:, or follow the link to the Amazon page: HERE. I'm hoping to get it into an e-book format soon. Going through this process has taught me a lot and I hope to use this information on bigger and better things in the future. Time will tell, of course, but as for now, it's here. Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement. It helped so much.

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