Sunday, January 4, 2015

Top Blogger...Thirty Short Stories

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A few years ago I found a blog site that asked for short story submissions. These weren't to be for publication (even though an e-book came out of it...), but for those who liked to write short fiction and those who liked to read short fiction.

Since then, I've contributed more than a few submissions. 

I found out today that in 2014 I wrote thirty short stories and it turns out, I submitted the most stories to the site. I've enjoyed participating for a couple of reasons. First, it helps with my writing. Since I write a daily blog, creating a short story quickly helps me when I am searching for a topic on which to write for my daily blog. Second, it helps me keep that daily blog going because if I don't have a topic handy, I can write a short story. Third, it allows me to be creative, which I especially enjoy.

And fourth, it's just fun. Some of the stories have been okay, but some have turned out much better than I could have imagined. There are times when I have surprised myself.

Next week the new year of writing prompts begins. I always ask if anyone wants to give the short story submission site a try, to do it. For a writer, it's great practice and for the non-writer, it's a chance to be creative. You can visit these sites, Debbs or Tena's blogs, for more information. You can also go to these blogs and read some of the amazing short stories written by all of us.

Will I continue sending in these short stories? I sure hope so.

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