Saturday, April 2, 2016

Battery Woes...

I know there's been enough information written on taking care of the batteries in our electric devices out there, it could fill volumes of books. Don't keep your phone charging, charge your phones, don't keep them plugged in overnight. It goes on and on.

And for good reason. Everyone (it seems...) has a phone and we rely on them so much. For me, it's not necessarily a thing I must have,--I don't make a lot of calls, but it's something I seem to need. It's good to be connected.

I was surprised when I woke up this morning and my phone was unresponsive. Since I try to remember to unplug it when I go to sleep, I decided to plug in the power. After a few moments, it turned on, but only enough to show that icon. You know the one, a big battery with an ever-so-thin red line all the way to the left of the big battery, basically telling me my battery was the closest to dead that it can possibly get.

I don't think I've ever had this phone (after getting a new battery when it was given to us...) under 40% power. Since I had to go to work this morning, the phone only had a 25% charge. I thought it would be okay because at my new job I don't have time to keep looking at my phone. While on a break at work, I noticed that the battery was at something around 8%.

No worries, I thought. I have a portable phone recharger! Yay! I'm saved.

I plugged in the recharger, put the phone back in my pocket and went back to work. After a little while I checked the phone again--good news. I was around 15%. It wasn't until I checked it again that I noticed it getting lower, then lower, then dead. It killed the recharger, too.

I don't know if the battery is shot, or if upgrading to the latest version of iOS did something. I'm sure someone out there knows. Or I may be getting a new iPhone battery on Monday. Time will tell...

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