Tuesday, April 19, 2016

For Years I Try And Try To Reach People...My Son Gets 25K Views In One Day

"Your son posted that video he said he was working on," my wife told me after I got home from work yesterday. It was late and I made a mental note to check it out today.

And I did.

And so did twenty-five thousand others.

I took a screenshot on my iPad showing the number of views his little video achieved in just one day. Not bad--not bad at all!

Now, I've been doing the social media thing for several years. As an author I've tried to get my name and stories out there to the masses. Of course, there's a fine line between self-promotion and down-right annoyance. I have a lot of author friends who I follow on social media. Some--not all, but some--do so much self-promotion, it's almost embarrassing. I try not to overdue it. I could probably do more, but I'm okay with how much I do.

Then my teenage son makes a video comprised of clips from a video game series between two guys. He sends it to one of the guys, a guy named Shady Penguinn who then links it to his YouTube account. And one day later, 25K views were generated from my son's creative effort. It's pretty mind-blowing. It does help that Shady has over 300K subscribers to his YouTube account.

But still!

We asked our son, "Did you know the video you posted yesterday has over twenty-five thousand views?"

"Yeah," he said. "The last one I did had over forty thousand."

I'm a minor-leaguer compared to him, which I'm totally cool with!

If you want to watch it (and, it's something specifically geared toward fans of Shady...), you can check out my son's YouTube account: HERE

Good job son!

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