Sunday, April 10, 2016

National Siblings Day...2016 Edition

Back in 2003 my mother assembled some family photo albums. They turned out to be much more than a collection of photos. My mom also gathered family histories, stories, and basically, memories for us to have going forward. Three and one half years later she passed away. I'm so thankful for that book.

And since it's National Siblings Day (at least, according to social media...), I dragged out the big book and took a few pictures of the three of us. I blogged about National Siblings Day one year ago--you can check it out in the archives--and at that time I mentioned that the three of us were not genetically put together as a family. Since we're all adopted children, decisions and coincidences resulted in us being siblings.

For me, I couldn't be happier. I am truly blessed.

One page of that big book was a collage of pictures showing us as we grew. That top picture, the one where we're dressed in our Sunday best, that one blows me away. When I see that picture, I see my older brother's oldest son, my second son, and my sister's daughter--it's uncanny (and a little bit spooky...). 

I celebrate all the photos, all the well-wishes from my friends, neighbors, and family members that I've seen today. And in that spirit I present the three of us. We're all that's left of the Taylor Five. We've had good times and bad, fun times and sad. And whatever happens, when April 10th rolls around next year, I'll still have a brother and a sister that I love very much.

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