Sunday, April 17, 2016

Signed And Sent Back A Contract...Kind Of A Dream Come True

I've been at this writing thing for many years, but have only taken it seriously for the past couple. I remember when I first began attending writing conventions and comic cons, I met many authors and saw the books they were selling. I noticed many of my new friends had short stories in a couple of anthologies, Space Eldritch, and Space Eldritch II. 

Space Eldritch18754853

One thing that I noticed about these anthologies in particular is they sold. People bought these books. I came to realize the reason they sold so well is because of the names on the covers and who wrote the stories inside. I know that's a very basic principle in marketing books--second nature stuff, really. 

But as I've gone to more and more of these events where books are sold, I know that fans of a particular author are loyal. If they like the author, they'll buy anything that person has written and when they see an anthology that they never knew existed, to quote Field of Dreams, "They'll pass over the money over without even thinking about it."

I hoped one day to be in one of Nathan Shumate's Eldritch anthologies.

Faster forward a few years and it looks like that hope, that desire has come to pass. I signed and sent in my contract as a contributor to the most recent Eldritch project. My name will be included with so many incredible writers and people might not buy the book because I'm in there necessarily, but if past is prologue, they will buy it.

It's kind of a dream come true--something I hoped would happen one day, and I can't wait to get a copy of this sucker and check it out! I'll keep you updated.