Monday, April 11, 2016

Dad...Have You Checked Out That Book Yet?

I knew my son liked the library book I brought home when, after one day, he asked me several times if I had seen it. "Have you read the Lego book, dad?" I told him I would when I had time. He then asked again that night, then the next morning, and that night. I had scanned the book when I checked it out and thought he would enjoy it.

I didn't realize just how cool a book it was.

For the past few years I've learned more about Steampunk, the art, the literature, the fashion. It's an amazing genre which lends itself very well to stories. And, of course, I like Legos (not as much as my son, however...) so this book combining the two is a work of art. I started taking pictures of some of my favorites and I had to force myself to stop. There were so many I wanted to include, but couldn't. I hope I've gathered enough to show you what its like.

There's chapters on trains, airships, robots, boats, even Star Wars ships beautifully recreated in Steampunk style. If you get the chance and you love both Steampunk and Legos (and you don't really have to love either to appreciate this...), please check out the Steampunk Legos by Guy Himber. If so, you'll be asking your friends (and possibly, your father...) if they've seen the book yet. And if you do that, you'll probably ask the same thing again and again.

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