Saturday, April 9, 2016

Pardon The Interruption...

It's Saturday and also a rare day. It's a day I was not scheduled to work--work outside the house, that is. And so, as the laundry was being cleaned and dried in the room next door, I pulled out the computer and did a little writing. In fact, I'm interrupting that writing by composing this post.

But I don't necessarily mind the interruption. It's good for me to try and expand my thoughts, and to do something that many consider a difficult thing--keeping a daily blog. I've admitted before that at times coming up with something original can be daunting, and I know I've bored many a soul with tales of Comic Con conventions, being in shows, and stories of my kids and our pets.

Still, it's something that I enjoy doing, so I'll continue.

Some of the posts are long, some are short. Some posts are poetic, some bland. Some are philosophical, others, not so much. There have been funny posts, serious posts, and posts that have made some cry. It's been a nice little, back to the writing!

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