Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Dichotomy Of A University Spring Football Game...

For the die-hard college football fans, there was football to watch on TV today. I must not be die-hard because I forgot the University of Utah Utes were playing their spring Red/White game this afternoon. I did, however, catch the last quarter.

And it made me think, am I supposed to be happy or sad about what I saw?

I know there are those who watch every play, study every scheme and they saw a completely different thing as the watched the red and white teams scrimmage. Hopefully they saw improvement at the various positions, individual performances where players shined. Also, I'm sure the coaches have specific things they want to see, how offensive and defensive plays develop.

But what I saw was a dichotomy of a team. When there was a great play offense, doesn't that mean that someone on defense missed an assignment? If the defense stopped the other side from scoring, that's great for the defense, but that means things might not look good for the offense next season.

As I watched each play, those thoughts kept going through my mind. It was like I couldn't enjoy a great catch because a great defense would (and should...) have stopped it. And will the defense stop a great run up the middle when it's game time? I guess we'll find out.

Maybe it's a good thing I forgot the game was on. I would have just spent the entire time over thinking the whole thing.

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